Middle School Announcements

MS Announcement- January 28, 2014

Graded Mission Statement

Graded is an American school that serves an international community of learners by inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting, fostering intercultural competence and empowering students to become engaged, ethical citizens in a dynamic world.


1- Christophe S.
3- Luiza L. & Rosanne V.
5- Guilia D.
6- Kate D.
7- Pedro M.
10- Manu A. & Lucas L.
12- Gui P.
14- Mr. Mark Engstrom
15- CaiuĆ” M.
17- Alex D.
19- Bianca A.
22- Jorge L.
23- Laura D., Talia D., Paula F., Mai O. and Ms. Judy Dominick
24- Alejandro L.
26- Mateo E.
29- Juan C.
30- Mariana P.

1- Thiago C.
2- Lucca C.
3- Mrs. Ana Paula Cortez & Stephanie M.

Community Time

Tuesday- Advisory
Thursday- Advisory
Friday- Friday Activities


Field Day
Congrats to the Green House for their victory on Field Day.  Please be advised that you will have a Pizza Party next Tuesday in D28 at 3:15.  The party will be FOR GREEN HOUSE ONLY.

Accelerated Math Update
Bus riders- please be reminded
1) Bus Passes are left on the Middle School Announcement board for you to pick them up when an email, note is sent to Celio before 1pm.
2) If you need to change buses (to go to a friend's house/to take the after-school
bus/etc.) the permission has to be in writing to Celio before 1 pm.
3) If you are not a bus rider but need to take the bus to go to a friend's house, there is a fee charged.

If you are interested in the ISTA trip to Turkey in March, 2014, make sure you talk to Ms Moraes!

LS Playground
In the first five days of school there have been a couple of small groups of US students found in the LS Playground.  Please know that this equipment is designed for children smaller than you and is also in a part of the school where MS students really have no need to go.  Please leave that area for our LS students to enjoy.  Thanks in advance for your help with this.

Wednesday Intramurals
As Mr. Ney Viera told you yesterday in assembly, Wednesday Intramurals will begin soon.  Your parents will be receiving an e-mail soon.  You can use this doc to sign up.


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