Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MS Announcements - February 24, 2015

Graded Mission Statement

Graded is an American school that serves an international community of learners by inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting, fostering intercultural competence and empowering students to become engaged, ethical citizens in a dynamic world.


1 - Thiago C., Clement D.
2 - Lucca C.
3 - Ana Paula C.
4 - Tim S., Marcos A.
9 - Ariana L., Caroline L.
11 - Eric E., Rafael
13 - Luca L.
15 - Alyssa T., Rodrigo M.
16 - Isabel P.
17 - Zach G.
20 - Priscila C., Thomaz M., Giancarlo W., Abigail L.
21 - Suely Pillibossian, Hyehune L.
22 - Luca D.
23 - Julie M., Victor H.
25 - Caroline C
27 - Anna F., Lexi F., Matheus M., Alessandra B.
28 - Chloe C.

Community Time 

Tuesday- Advisory (6th - Book picnic; 7th - Passion Project; 8th - HS Electives offerings)
Thursday- Advisory (6th - Cool Community Project; 7th - Passion Project; 8th - Book picnic
Friday- Friday Activity


Student Voice

Do you want to be a Student Ambassador? Do you want to help new students transition into our school? Do you want to be a leader in the school and help make school-wide decisions? If you want to make a difference in the lives of other and help decide on how our school should be, then please join Student Voice. We are looking for new and fresh ideas. If you have ideas, things that you want to change, and want to be the voice of the school, then please join us!

Student Voice meets every Thursday at lunch, in room D7. Please come this Thursday – open for all students!

Thank you - Mr. Tuttle and Student Voice

Jazz Festival
The 14th Annual Graded Jazz Festival will be taking place this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and our illustrious team of professional musicians who are serving as this year's clinicians will be performing a short concert on Friday during HS FLEX in the auditorium. There may be a limited amount of seating available for MS students; if you would like to attend this program with your Friday Activity students (the entire group please, not just some of the kids), please let Mark Engstrom know so that we can allocate the space. This is one of the musical highlights of the year - you don't want to miss it!

Thank you - Mr. Stange

JV Sports 
Tuesday, Feb. 24th
JV Boys' Futsal vs PACA - (at PACA)
JV Girls' Volleyball vs PACA - (at PACA)day, Feb. 28th
JV Girls' Volleyball vs EAC - (at Graded)

You can find the games results and news following us on
twitter: @gradedeagles Facebook page: Graded Eagles and Instagram: @gradedeagles

Covered Court rotation during lunch/recess
I just wanted to remind you all about the Covered Court rotation schedule of sports - what is allowed in that area on each day.

We are trying to keep a balanced and fair playing area for everyone. Please be aware of the following sports that are allowed in the Covered Court (only these sports are allowed during the 11:00-11:45 time period - no other sports):


Today Bernard Moss will be set up in the entrance to the auditorium to take make up pictures for the yearbook.  If you did not take a picture last semester, this is your last chance.  Please stop by during a free period or lunch. The following students are missing their picture for the yearbook:

Bus Passes:
Bus passes will now be posted outside of Celios's office, near the bus parking lot (not in front of the Middle School office anymore). Please make sure that you communicate with Celio early in the day if you need a pass. Also, please check your Graded email for notifications from Celio.

Rollercoaster Fun!
The 8th Grade students have been studying a physics unit about Forces and Motion. They will be

showcasing their summative assessments during this fair. The assignment was to use their

knowledge and understanding of the physics concepts that they learned in class to collaborate using

technology to design and build a working model of a roller coaster!

The Roller Coaster Fun Fair​ details:

Date:​Monday March 2

Time: ​12:30 ­ 2:30pm

Location:​Black Box Theatre


MS Play