Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MS Announcements- October 28, 2014

Graded Mission Statement

Graded is an American school that serves an international community of learners by inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting, fostering intercultural competence and empowering students to become engaged, ethical citizens in a dynamic world.


28- Laura E. & Felipe C.
30- Katie W.
31- James H.
3- Ms. Laureana Piragine

Community Time 
Tuesday- Battle of the Books, Body Image Survey, Book Picnic
Thursday- Advisory
Friday- Halloween Parade and Assembly


Fire Drill Yesterday 
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your awesome and quiet participation in our Fire Drill yesterday.  We were in a new location and needed everyone's cooperation and you guys were phenomenal.

DoSomething Food Drive

Accelerated Math

Halloween Costume Contest Categories
Next Friday we will have our annual Halloween Assembly where we recognize those with outstanding costumes. Categories for this year are:

Student Categories
  • most original
  • creepiest
  • best design
  • funniest

Teacher Category
  • best teacher

Open to all
  • best group

Little 8 Update
Boys Basketball- We beat PACA 21-15 today!
Girls Basketball- We beat British School 23-11 and play PACA today!

A Message from Bernard Moss (photographer)

Dear Students,
Please make sure the school pictures are handled to your parents.
Thank you!

Survey for all students:

Dear students,

Today, you will take a survey about Body Image. We believe that this topic is very important to discuss with all 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Please know that this survey is completely anonymous, meaning, that your name will not be recorded or used in any manner. We want you to answer the questions honestly. We will discuss this topic in further detail during next week's Assembly (which will be held in the Black Box Theater), as well as future Advisory sessions. 

The topic of Body Image can be difficult for some of us to discuss, so please know that if you have any questions or concerns, Ms. Choudhury (Health teacher), Ms. Soriano (School Psychologist) and I, Mr. Tuttle, will be available to help you.

Please go to your Inbox now and fill out the survey.

Thank you all - Mr. Tuttle

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