Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MS Announcements- October 14, 2014

Graded Mission Statement

Graded is an American school that serves an international community of learners by inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting, fostering intercultural competence and empowering students to become engaged, ethical citizens in a dynamic world.



16- Donata B.

18- Nico A.

Community Time 

Tuesday- 6th- Field Trip/7th and 8th-Focus on Blogfolios
Thursday- Student Led Conferences
Friday- Parent-Teacher Conferences

Snack Bar Use
There have been students purchasing items from the Snack Bar Monday-Thursday even though it isn't open for MS students then.  If this continues, we will close the snack bar so that students aren't able to purchase items from the Snack Bar on Fridays either.  Please follow this policy for the sake of your fellow MS students.

Congrats to all who were in the MS Play last week.  It was quite funny and great to see so many talented middle schoolers on stage!

Good Luck
Best of luck to everyone on Thursday as you present your Student Led Conference to your advisor and parents.  Representing your work and reflections for the quarter isn't easy, but it's an important part of the learning process.

CT next Monday
We will take our Grade Level Photos during Community Time next Monday in the Main Gym.
6th- 1:15
7th- 1:25
8th- 1:35
Thanks in advance to everyone for being no time as we want to get through all three grade levels in one day.

Attire in Hot Weather
Please be reminded that the clothes that you wear should not be a distraction to others.  Here are the guidelines from our Handbook:

Dress Appropriately for School
We operate on the premise that students can and should be able to choose their own clothing. Graded has no uniform policy, however, students are expected to dress appropriately for school. The expectations for appropriate dress are that students:
  • Wear neat and clean clothes
  • Wear proper footwear befitting the activity and /or weather at hand
  • Do not dress in an overtly provocative manner
  • Wear t-shirts and sweatshirts/sweaters/clothing that display inoffensive and developmentally appropriate words, pictures or slogans
  • While in class do not wear hats, including baseball caps, visors, bandanas and toques unless otherwise stated by the instructor
  • Ensure that underwear is indeed underwear and consequently remains unseen
  • Ensure clothes do not offend any of our diverse cultural sensitivities
  • In PHE students must wear proper clothing that is conducive to movement and safety: T-shirts, tennis shoes and socks, shorts or sweat pants/warm-ups.  Jeans and cargo pants are not considered appropriate.

Zombie Zoo
On November 7th begins the zombie apocalypse. The first step to surviving is rocking out at Zombie Zoo from 5:00-7:00pm at the student center. Zombie Zoo is a student led concert that serves as a fundraiser for community service activities at Graded. Tickets begin sales on October 21. If you buy a ticket on that first day, you get a special deal-only 10 R$ for a ticket! But don't worry, if you miss that opportunity. Tickets before the concert are 15 R$. If you buy a ticket within the first week of sales (Oct. 21-27) you can get a piece of gum with your ticket! Or if you miss that, the second week of sales comes with free popcorn if you download the Zombie Zoo App! (collect your popcorn at the snack bar during breaks). If all else fails, we only charge 20 R$ at the door.  If prizes, special deals, and epic music/ talents don't convince you, all the profit is used for community service. We hope to rock out with you at Zombie Zoo! 

Games of the Week

WednesdayOctober 15.
Varsity Soccer vs. EAC (at Campinas)
Girls- 2:45
Boys- 4:00 (approximately)


Saturday, October 18.
JV Soccer and Basketball games at Campinas

Varsity Girls Soccer - Graded 1x1 Chapel (PKs 1x2)
Varsity Boys Soccer - Graded 0x2 Chapel

Combined Rehearsal
Today we will have a Combined Rehearsal during the last period (B6) of the day.  Please be on time so that we can get the most out of the time together.

Visiting Graphic Designer
This year we will host Matt Holm, co-author and graphic designer of the immensely popular graphic novels, Babymouse and Squish series. He will present to grades K5 - 8,  focusing on:
  • Storytelling Through Graphics
  • Collaborative Storytelling
  • Visual Literacy
He will present to the full MS in the Black Box during Community Time on Tuesday, November 11 in the Black Box.

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