Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MS Announcements

MS Announcement- March 18, 2014

Graded Mission Statement

Graded is an American school that serves an international community of learners by inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting, fostering intercultural competence and empowering students to become engaged, ethical citizens in a dynamic world.


March 18- David C., Tatiana C. & Ms. Adriana Monti
19- Julia Jacob
22- Tory Potter
24- Leo V. & Manuela H.

Community Time

Tuesday- Advisory
Thursday- 1/2 Day- no CT
Friday- No School


Graded will be hosting the AASSA Conference this week with over 900 educators visiting! Let's pull together as a community to make sure that our school looks great for our visitors. Please help teachers and all staff by keeping classrooms clean and orderly. Please pick up any trash that you see in the classrooms and hallways. Our maintenance crew will be working around the clock to prepare our school for this conference, so let's help them out.

Middle School Dance - May 2 
Student Voice will be hosting another dance on Friday, May 2! Mr. Tuttle will send out a Google Form soon to ask for student feedback on whether or not you want to have a themed-dance. Last semester's dance was a huge success, so thanks to Student Voice for organizing another dance for the middle school. More details to come...

Celebration of the World Donations
One of the best aspects of Celebration of the World is the chance to miss the amazing baskets that are raffled off.  Those baskets are only possible by donations from Graded families.  While anyone can certainly make a donation from any grade, we are going to have the following grades represented by the following themes:

6th- Nerf Basket
7th- Sports 
8th- World Cup

Please give any donations to your advisor.  Advisors- when you want to pass them on there are labelled boxes in my office.

Games of the Week
Tuesday Mar. 18th
Varsity Girls Softball vs PACA (seniors celebration)- 4:30

Wednesday Mar. 19th
JV Boys Futsal vs. PACA - 5:00 (LS Gym)
Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. PACA- 5:00 (US Gym)
JV Girls Volleyball vs. PACA - 6:00 (LS Gym)
Varsity Boys Futsal vs. PACA - 6:45 (US Gym)

Varsity Girls Volleyball Graded 2x3 EAC
Varsity Girls Softball Graded 9x8 EAC
Varsity Boys Softball Graded 15x4 EAC
Varsity Boys Futsal Graded 6x7 EAC

Accelerated Math Update

Math Counts
Congratulations to Mr. Swartz and the MathCounts team!  Here are the results from the week: Individual Results: 3rd place Hyejune Lee, 5th place Min Shin, 6th place Ashley Lee
Team Results: Team A: 2nd Place, Team B: 4th Place out of 14 teams.

For Today: Visible Thinking Routines Blogging
We were fortunate to have Jason Ohler, a world-renowned lecturer and author of the book Digital Community, Digital Citizen, For our children will it be two lives or one?visit the middle school during our Assembly on Monday. Jason discussed the key elements of storytelling and building digital pieces that creatively tell our stories. Please use the following presentation from Ms. Tolisano. We would like to have all students reflect on Jason Ohler's presentation by using one of the visible thinking routines. Please choose one of the routines to use and blog about Jason's presentation yesterday.

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