Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MS Announcements- October 29, 2013

Graded Mission Statement

Graded is an American school that serves an international community of learners by inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting, fostering intercultural competence and empowering students to become engaged, ethical citizens in a dynamic world.


31- James H.
3- Mrs. Laureana Piragine

Community Time

Tuesday- Advisory

Thursday- Advisory
Friday- see below

Friday's Schedule
B1-B3- normal Friday schedule with B3 ending at 1:00
Block 4 class starts at 1:05
LS Parade at 2:05
MS assembly at 2:35


Little 8 Update
Morning games: 
Boys: Graded 1-0 vs. EAB
Girls: Graded 4-0 vs. EAB
Afternoon games:
Boys: Graded 0 vs. 0 Chapel (Penalty Kicks Chapel 4-Graded 3)
Girls: Graded  3 vs. 0 Chapel

Best of luck to the Boys and Girls Basketball teams who leave on Wednesday and begin their games on Thursday!

We will participate in the Halloween parade and have a costume contest in assembly on Friday.  Come dressed in a costume to be a contestant!

Middle School Dance
As most of you know, the Middle School Dance is coming up! Lots of excitement going on! Here is some important information that you guys should know:

When: Friday, November 8
What: Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: In the Black Box Theater
Why: To have fun!

A quick reminder, you don’t need a mask. If you don’t have one, no need to go buy one. Natural Beauty also counts! There also might be some spare mask so you can just take one. Something else that I would like to clarify is that you do not need to bring a “date”. If you want to, you can. However, you are not required to. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, no need to bring one. I hope you guys can all make it to the dance! Have fun!

"This I Believe...." Share Out
Next Tuesday, November 5, our 8th Graders will be sharing out their "This I Believe...." project with the 6th and 7th graders.  Be ready to find out what our 8th graders think, feel and believe is true next week!!

Library Writing Contest

Seek The Unknown Writing Contest
Grades 6 -10
Short Science Fiction Stories
Students write a short story with an Extraterrestrial character. 
              Any format is acceptable                
 No more than 1000 Words
 Portuguese or English
 Must be new and original work
 Must have an ET character
May include illustrations
 May be in any form, i.e., narrative, poetic, journalistic, graphic 
 Keep a global audience in mind
 Keep LARK in mind
Judging criteria will be based on clarity of ideas, purposeful organization & strength of voice.

 Send stories via email to: Ms. Zanforlin or Ms. Pannunzio

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