Thursday, September 5, 2013

Middle School Dance, Fun Night and Spirit Week - all approved!

Dear middle school students,

Student Voice was able to get three exciting events approved for this year! I am very proud of our group for listening to the students of Graded and advocating for what the majority of people want. Great job Student Voice!

The following events have been approved:

  1. Middle School Dance (themed danced)
  2. Fun Night (a night of movies, games, sports, etc. at Graded)
  3. Spirit Week (each day a different theme)
Student Voice will be sending out some surveys to all of the students to get everyone's opinions on what theme we should decide on for the dance, and to gather ideas for the Fun Night and Spirit Week.

Thank you - Mr. Tuttle


  1. I am so happy we got these three things approved and I hope we plan a great dance with the help of other students.

  2. It is awesome to have these things approved! I think that this is a great way for everyone to be heard! The vote is good, so that no one feels left out. Also, I think that the dance is a very creative way to get to know each other better. Also, the fun night will be a great way to know are school better. The spirit week, I think, is an awesome way to have fun and see other peoples interests. I hope everyone likes the idea!

    Laura D.