Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Kid Would Never Bully

Dear students,

Here is Part 1 of Dateline NBC's bullying series that we showed in Assembly on Monday. Once you watch this clip, you will be directed to Part 2 and so on. I encourage you to watch them all (it's a 6-part series).

Please comment on what you think about the video, especially the power of the bystander. Why is the bystander so important in bullying situations? What can YOU do if you witness an act of bullying?

Thanks - Mr. Tuttle


  1. I like how Lily stood up for the girl getting bullied from the beginning. I would recommend if you are getting bullied to watch those 6 parts to get information on how to stop it. Also if you just want to know how to stop it from the beginning then you should watch them too.

  2. I agree with Siona. I think that it is very important for bystanders to stand up, because like Mr.Tuttle showed in the assemble on Monday, the chances of the victim being bullied again is decreased enourmously. Also, I think that the bystander is very important because they could be the ones that change everything if they report to a teacher or counsler. Also, if one person stands up against bullying, more and more people will begin to follow that person, and you will be surprised how many people really don't like bullying. Then, the bully will feel outnumbered and know that he did something wrong.

  3. I like how in the first scene, when the girl was being bullied, someone stood up against the bully and tried to help the victim. I also liked how when the girl stood up against the bully, all of the girls stood up with her against the girl. I think that the bystanders are really important to solve the problem, but sometimes they are to afraid to act. Also, I think it is good that at least one bystander stands against the bully so then everyone joins.

  4. I think that this bully program is a very interesting way to look at how people react to what is happening. I think that it is important to have bystanders around to help because if not, no one would care and nothing will ever change. That is why I really like it how when one of the girls pitched in and said, this is not right. But the best part was that the other girls got enough courage and supported the first bystander to speak. If this was happening in real life, it would be very cool if more people were there to support the victim. But I also think hat the bystanders should be careful with what they say because if not, they can end up hurting the bullies feelings. I think that the bystanders should just say something to make the bully stop. I also watched the boys video, and it was very aggressive. It was sad how mean they had to be to act out. I also think that the boys could have stud up for the bully a little before, because sometimes they don't have as much time. So I really hope that after watching this more people at Graded will start standing up for others!

  5. I liked the way that Lilly was being really defending the victim and not being just a bystander. I think that it was a really smart idea to show what the bullying looked like from both sides. I hope that when people see bullying, they aren't afraid to stand up for someone who really needs it.