Friday, May 10, 2013

Hiding In the Open 2013

Two weeks ago, a group of 15 students put on an amazing production! Based off of Sabina Zimering memoirs, Hiding in the Open is the story about two Polish-Jewish girls (Portrayed by Anna Fama and Isabella Bruder) who obtain false Catholic identifications from Catholic friends (Portrayed by Mayu Kawahara and Clara Gil) and travel all the way to Germany. There they go to work in a metal factory where they meet a drunken boss (Portrayed by Spencer Shaw), two great friends (Portrayed by Martina Gil and Cristina Escajadillo) and an enemy (Portrayed by Luis Wolfrid). But soon their fellow workers begin finding out about their true identity, and they flee to a different city; to Regensburg. There they work at the fabulous Maximilian Hotel with their uptight boss (Portrayed by Mila Escajadillo), a flirtatious worker (Portrayed by Daniel Torres), a boy-crazy gossiper (Portrayed by Emily Kerr), and a cook with refined taste (Portrayed by Lucca Olivera). Two years pass and the war is becoming worse and worse, the Americans and Russians are liberating concentration camps, and the girls move to the town, away from the hotel to prevent chances of being bombed.

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