Saturday, May 25, 2013

Abercrombie!! Disaster

In the news it said that Abercrombie is not making large sizes for girls anymore, because they only want ``cool´´ people to wear them. Now I want to state my opinion. I don´t think this is right, everyone should have the rights to wear what they want. Who knows what the girls might do, to wear those clothes. They would eat less, starve themselves just to get those Abercrombie clothes. If not that, then they will feel they are fat, and they will feel terrible. It is not fair, because a lot of people say, and they feel they are fat, but aren´t and then they will feel just ``uncool.´´ I will never wear Abercrombie, because I would rather feel fat, than act all cool because I am wearing Abercrombie, and show off. How would the other people feel if you are wearing Abercrombie? I just think it is wrong! My friends are really upset,  and I bet a lot of other girls do. This is my opinion, and you might have another opinion. If you have another opinion please tell me.

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