Saturday, May 25, 2013

Abercrombie!! Disaster

In the news it said that Abercrombie is not making large sizes for girls anymore, because they only want ``cool´´ people to wear them. Now I want to state my opinion. I don´t think this is right, everyone should have the rights to wear what they want. Who knows what the girls might do, to wear those clothes. They would eat less, starve themselves just to get those Abercrombie clothes. If not that, then they will feel they are fat, and they will feel terrible. It is not fair, because a lot of people say, and they feel they are fat, but aren´t and then they will feel just ``uncool.´´ I will never wear Abercrombie, because I would rather feel fat, than act all cool because I am wearing Abercrombie, and show off. How would the other people feel if you are wearing Abercrombie? I just think it is wrong! My friends are really upset,  and I bet a lot of other girls do. This is my opinion, and you might have another opinion. If you have another opinion please tell me.

Street Compliments

This is so sweet. It really shows what saying nice things to others can do, and it's just such a nice video.

Friday, May 24, 2013


This year is almost done, new people come in Graded, and 6th grade if having a scavenger hunt with the 5th graders. I want to make a good expression. So How would I make good friends, or show/make a good expression for the 5th graders and the students who will come next year?

The Oklahoma Tornado

As you all know on Monday, May 20th a monstrous tornado hit Oklahoma. The tornado was 1.3 miles wide and the peak wind range was around 200 to 210 miles per hour. A lot of people say the tornado disaster was worse than May 4th. The tornado killed at least 24 people including 10 children. The tornado got around 2,400 houses and destroyed around 12,00 homes. The tornado traveled through Oklahoma injuring 353 people, and like I said before 24 people dead. The tornado also hit an elementary school, Plaza Towers Elementary, and the teachers were on top of some children, and the rest of the children were kneeling holding their hands over there head. One of  the teachers was with three children under them, the teacher was badly injured, but the children were save.

Here is an inspiring picture, the mom,  dad, and the children were all badly wounded, but the mom was happy, because she found her kids.

Service Learning Bake Sale

Our Service Learning class is having an End of the Year Bake Sale.
We are donating all the money earned to Caritas. 
The bake sale will be located by the snack bar in the student center.
This will take place Wednesday the 29th.
We hope you can all come!
-Service Learning Class, block 7

If you have any questions, please ask Sandra Greenwald.
Thank you.

Fernanda Novoa 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zach Sobiech - A Truly Inspiring Story of Strength and Love

Dear Graded Middle School,

Please watch the following story about Zach, a 14 year old who battled terminal cancer. Zach decided to live his life to the fullest, turning to music to express himself, and surrounding himself with the people that matter most - family and friends. It is a truly inspiring story that will make you think deeply about your life and how we all need to live each day as positive as we can.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Any advise on public speaking?

Many people struggle when speaking to an audience, and I would like to know if you have any advise for them.

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To This Day

To This Day~
An inspiring video on how bullying affects your life...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Official Launch of the Blog!

Dear middle school students,

We have officially launched our blog! This is all about YOU and how YOU can make our community a more positive and supportive one. This is an opportunity for all of us to come together for a common purpose and goal - to make our lives and relationships with each other more meaningful. The only way that we can do this, whether online or offline, is by listening and respecting each other. It is ok to disagree, but we need to be respectful to each other's differences. This sacred spot we call our blog is for just that - a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable letting their voices be heard.

Please feel free to comment on this particular post and let me know what your vision is for they blog. Where would you like to see it go in terms of content, topics, etc.? What attracted you to join blogger to be part of this communiity? What is your goal for this whole process? These are just some guiding questions, but feel free to chime in on anything.

Thanks - Mr. Tuttle

Friday, May 10, 2013

São Paulo Debate Tournament

On Tuesday, May 14, there will be the São Paulo Debate Tournament. Middle School and High School teams of three from Graded will take on teams of Chapel while debating Syria and North Korea. You can come watch debates after 4:00, and support our teams!

Hiding In the Open 2013

Two weeks ago, a group of 15 students put on an amazing production! Based off of Sabina Zimering memoirs, Hiding in the Open is the story about two Polish-Jewish girls (Portrayed by Anna Fama and Isabella Bruder) who obtain false Catholic identifications from Catholic friends (Portrayed by Mayu Kawahara and Clara Gil) and travel all the way to Germany. There they go to work in a metal factory where they meet a drunken boss (Portrayed by Spencer Shaw), two great friends (Portrayed by Martina Gil and Cristina Escajadillo) and an enemy (Portrayed by Luis Wolfrid). But soon their fellow workers begin finding out about their true identity, and they flee to a different city; to Regensburg. There they work at the fabulous Maximilian Hotel with their uptight boss (Portrayed by Mila Escajadillo), a flirtatious worker (Portrayed by Daniel Torres), a boy-crazy gossiper (Portrayed by Emily Kerr), and a cook with refined taste (Portrayed by Lucca Olivera). Two years pass and the war is becoming worse and worse, the Americans and Russians are liberating concentration camps, and the girls move to the town, away from the hotel to prevent chances of being bombed.

Wall of Intolerance Documentary